Rogue Wizards is a turn based dungeon crawler created by Colin Day, the owner of Spellbind Studios. Rogue Wizards is currently on Kickstarter but have achieved their initial goal and is in developement. The game has also been noted as being a Fantasy Roguelike RPG. In this game, the player will spend a majority of their time in the dungeons. battling monsters, discovering items using magic, weapons, potions and other abilites. The play area creates itself as you walk towards it and areas behind you drop off. There are six schools of magic with a complete set of upgradeable spells. Dungeons are randomly created so that no two are alike. When you need to resupply or are finished with your dungeon, then it's time to go back to the Mage Tower, a small town that you the player can build, create and add vendors to, and becomes your home base. Learn how to use the Cauldron and Forgestone to upgrade your items. Rogue Wizards is available at the Official Website for preorder. It will be launched on Steam. Release date TBD, beta scheduled for Q3 of 2015.


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Rogue Wizards Game Trailer 2014-10-28

Rogue Wizards Game Trailer

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